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Welcome to Drsnutsandseeds

Drs Nuts & Seeds is the world’s finest quality of health products which are developed by Healthy International with more than 30 years in the field of health care services. The Doctors & Dieticians together developed the Drs Nuts & Seeds. It is a world class product which contains 22 types of Nuts, Seeds & Berries. you can gift to your Near & Dear.

Drs Nuts & Seeds available in Metros, Apollo hospitals, Care hospitals Research institutes, Super Markets, Hyper Markets & in different Pharma companies. Drs Nuts & Seeds is a great gift for all.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”, A Handful of Drs Nuts & Seeds a day keeps you to improve the immunity and helps to be healthy 365 days.

DrsNuts, Seeds & Berries offer the combination of perfect taste with a lot of health benefits. These are the great sources of Vitamins, Protein, Fat, Minerals, Fiber and Flavonoids.

We strive to inspire mindfulness and good health through energizing, life giving foods. We believe that sharing delicious, wholesome, organic foods, can help heal people, our communities, and planet.